We have been running Airsoft games for 15 years and are excited for all the new options we will be offering this year! 


We will host a private Airsoft group any day with a few requirements. 

  1. We require at least 24 hours notice.
  2. Minimum group fee is $400, pre paid. (This can include a combination of rental players and gear owners as long as the minimum fee is met).

COSTS are listed below. Please call with any questions and to make your reservation. 908-616-2985.


Looking to play some recreational Airsoft but don't have enough players for your own group? No problem, we will be running games on most Saturdays from 11am to 2pm depending upon the weather or if it's a holiday. To play on Saturday YOU MUST REGISTER AND PAY BY 9PM ON FRIDAY. 
$35 entry fee for players with own WORKING gear. Must wear full face and ear protection.
$60 includes entry, AEG rental, full face protection, unlimited batteries, 1,000 BBs.
$10 camo coverall rental
$5 full Face mask rental
$5 camo jacket rental
$5 camo pants rental
$5 waterproof boots rental
$5 pair of gloves rental
$5 neck guard rental
$5 chest protector rental
$10 1,000 BBs
RULES: No drama, No cheaters, No complainers, No thieves!!!
AEG FPS = 425, Minimum engagement distance of 30 feet.
SNIPER RIFLE FPS = 500, Minimum engagement distance of 100 feet.
Please call Rooster with any questions or concerns: 908-616-2985. Thanks!!!